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Click Here For Interview The Braaaains Behind Shaun of the Dead
Chat With Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, & Nick Frost

Interview by Dead Kev

On September 24th, the self-proclaimed "rom-zom-com" Shaun of the Dead (review) will be opening to theaters all over the United States. Already a hit in the UK, this romantic comedy with zombies is preparing to take Americans by storm. I finally got the chance to see what the hype was all about when I attended a screening of the film in Atlanta, the last stop for the film's U.S. promotional tour. [MORE]

Click Here For Feature Hateful's Adventure at Horrorfind IV
Zombie Celebs Everywhere...

by Ron Clark [aka HatefulDisplay]

And so here it was, Friday the Thirteenth. I was in all my glory as I drove toward Hunt Valley, Maryland for Horrorfind Weekend IV. All I had on my mind was meeting tons of people, including George Romero and Jeffrey Combs, who were the two that topped my “must see” list. Even getting lost a few times and knowing that I was not familiar with anybody who would be there when I arrived didn’t deter my eagerness. I was like a small child on Christmas Day! [MORE]

Click Here For Feature Cronenberg Gets Nostalgic
Egyptian Theater Retrospective

by Zombie-A-GoGo

Dave "Deprave" Cronenberg: the thinking man's horror director. While his films may not always be categorized in the genre, there's no denying that most, if not all, leave one disturbed in some way, shape or form. People who are not fans of his entire body of work usually come from one of three camps, separated by decades. [MORE]

Click Here For Interview Interview with Peter Dendle
Author of The Zombie Movie Encyclopedia

Interview by Zombie-A-GoGo

Maybe you've seen it around the bookstores, or possibly you've come across it at The green, blue, and yellow cover calling to you. The crudely drawn zombie waving to you. It's The Zombie Movie Encyclopedia. And you wondered to yourself, who is this Peter Dendle fellow and what makes him think he's qualified to take on such daunting task? [MORE]

Click Here For Interview LessonNo5 Gets "CHOMP"ed!
Artist Don Pedicini Jr. Talks Up New RPG

Interview by LessonNo5

For all of you that like to play RPG's (role-playing games), Imajica Studio (KILN Publications) is currently developing a realistic zombie RPG called CHOMP! It will follow the Action! System by Gold Rush Games. ATZ talks with Don Pedicini Jr. on the game and more HERE...

Click Here For Interview Keene Eats GoGo's Brain : News at Eleven
Adventures at Dark Delicacies

Feature/Interview by Zombie-A-GoGo

It's Saturday and it's lovely. Most Saturday's at Dark Delicacies in Burbank you can find someone or another of the genre reading, signing, promoting and just generally out to meet and greet the fans. This is a place where horror celebrities go visit their other horror celebrity friends to say hello while they work. I guess it's the same as when your friend stops by on your lunch break and makes you late going back.only I don't think these people have to deal with quite that. Today's special zombie guest: Brian Keene. [MORE]

Click Here For Interview Interview with Brian Keene
Author of The Rising

Interview by Dead Kev

I managed to pull horror author Brian Keene away from his RISING ACROSS AMERICA TOUR long enough to answer a few questions. Brian Keene is a Bram Stoker Award winning author, and his zombie novel THE RISING has just recently been released in mass market paperback. Brian and I chatted it up about THE RISING, its forthcoming sequel, his influences, and all the other stuff he's working on. [MORE]

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