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By Matt "TexasZombieRipper" Morian

10:23:09 a.m. central time - November 12, 2004 -

The rain started to drizzle lightly as Dallas police setup roadblocks in the middle of downtown. The moaning, audible over the sound of scurrying policeman, became louder as the distorted figures lurched down the street towards the loose knit barricade. The officers hurriedly moved their squad cars together as a few of the creatures began getting closer. Lieutenant Richard Henderson was the onsite commanding officer, an older man with balding gray hair and a stocky build. He had been working to clean these streets since he joined the force over 20 years ago. Now everything appeared to be changing right before his eyes. These weren't criminals they were trying to stop anymore. People in business suits, doctors uniforms. hell even other cops he'd worked with half his life were being infected by those things.

"Hold your fire until they're within range", he spouted over the megaphone. The other officers prepared for the oncoming attackers, loading shells into their shotguns and taking aim over the hoods of their cruisers. Line of sight down the block was poor, abandoned cars were strewn about the street and a city bus lay turned over on it's side making it difficult to see how many of them were coming. Lt. Henderson winced as he spotted a few shadowy figures making their way around the corner of the bus, "Halt...Halt...Stop or we will open fire......Take them out". He drew his 9mm as the officers began to unload rounds into the small crowd of ghouls. Limbs began to shred as the shotgun blasts ripped through their dead flesh. Blood oozed out from their wounds as the zombies inched closer to the police line. "Fuck, fuck...they're not stopping Lieutenant", cried one of the men as Henderson drained the last of his clip into the abdomen of the closest zombie. As the ghoulish creatures made their way through the intersection towards the officers, one of the men took aim with his shotgun at the nearest zombie's skull. The slug shattered the demented being's face as it burrowed through and out the other side. Instantly it's body dropped to the blood soaked pavement as the zombie horde pressed on. "Aim high, aim high", was shouted over the gunfire as a few of the men began reloading their weapons.

Suddenly the entrance to an office building behind the police blockade crashed open, as zombies began pouring out into the street. Henderson spun around just in time to see an endless sea of the undead flowing towards him. He raised his gun to fire but it was too late, the killers had already plowed into the cars biting and scratching at the men. Lt. Henderson's life drained down his neck as he watched in horror, the legions of the dead make their way through the was now theirs.

-- END --

You can e-mail Matt Morian at

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